All about DDA

Driving — Our Passion

The owner’s passion for driving developed early in his life. At age seven he could already perform the basic maneuvers with a motor vehicle.

At age sixteen he could control a skidding motor vehicle on many types of driving surfaces. These skills were self taught, resulting from a natural-born talent and his passion for driving motor vehicles.

At the age of eighteen, he built his first rally car and competed in rallies on regional level. His career progressed to National Championship events finishing second in the SA championship in his class in 1995.

In 1996 he was invited to test the Hyundai Elantra Formula 2 Rally car together with seven of the best rally drivers in SA. He was rated the best driver after completion of the test and was rewarded with a contract to drive for Hyundai SA in the 1997 National Rally Championship which moved him to professional status.

In 2010 at the age of 46 he retired from the sport. His passion for driving did not subside with his retirement and after realising the incredible need for proper driving training that exists, the decision was made to establish a driving academy with a difference.

“I started to drive at a young age, learning the correct skills and behaviour. My passion is still driving motor vehicles but part of that passion now is to teach people the skills I possess to make a difference in their lives.”